Final Medal Ceremony for Guides in 2021

On November 10th, 2021, we held the final Guides medal ceremony of the year. During this event, Philippe Martin, our President, made a point of personnally thanking each guide having worked at the reception of visitors on the sites of Beaumont-Hamel and Vimy. Three Board members, Christine Dupayage, Anne Dubuc and Raymond Miklic, accompanied by our communications officer, Fabrice Dubuc, represented our association by his side.

We began with the 3 guides who had worked throughout the period of the pandemic, during the Summer and Fall sessions of 2020-2021.

Here are the names of the recipients : Dianne Levesque, Judith-Bérubé-Robin and Heather McIsaac. We proceeded then to the Medal ceremony for the Fall session  of 2021. Then, Briana Smart…

Jean-Philippe Ruel, Kim Germain, Kellie Evers, Matthieu D’Amour

Harmonie Harris, 2nd Lt Nabil Allou, and 2nd Lt Thibault Rondel.

Translated by Jacques Paltani