Last medal ceremony for the Guides of the year 2022

On December 5th, 2022, we organized the last ceremony for the Guides of the year. After having warmly thanked them for their work on the Beaumont-Hamel and Vimy sites, four members of the staff, Christine Dupayage, Anne Dubuc, Christian Ramet and Raymond Miklic, accompanied by our communication manager Fabrice Dubuc, awarded them their medals, engraved with their names.

Téana Averbeck, Rhys Fitzpatrick, Ethan Coudenys, Abby Salvatore

Hannah Keough, Julie Vanleeuwen, Dean Sabbah, Emily Rebneris

Chris Bisson, Lucy Higgins, Jess Horton, Nephthalie Belzor

and Holly Lucier.

Translated by Jacques Paltani