Fabrice Dubuc

A Canadian ace buried in the Douchy lès Ayette cemetery

Captain Arthur Gerald Knight, DSO , MC.(30 july 1895- 20 december 1916) A British flying ace from Toronto and credited with eight air victories, he was attacked by Oswald Boelcke and Erwin Böhme, when they suddenly collided, resulting in Boelcke’s death. Two months later, Knight was to be shot down by the « red Baron […]

Our President honored

Wednesday, March 1st Our President, Philippe Martin, received from the Honorable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence, the Commendation for his dedication and his passion for the history and the participation of Canadian soldiers in the conquest of Vimy Ridge, as well as for the memory of the fallen […]

Investments announcement by minister MacAulay

The Honorable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence, announced the award of C$  11.7 million dollars over a period of 6 years, to maintain, modernize and improve the visitor experience at Canada’s memorial sites abroad. Development projects will be programmed, in particular at the sites of the Canadian National […]

Died for King and Country aged 16 years 11 months

Herbert Bradley was born on January 5th, 1902, in Dover (England). In 1916 he lived in Vancouver, British Columbia. As he wanted to join the fighting Canadian forces in Europe, he went to Victoria, the state capital, on April 29th, in order to enlist. To be accepted, he decided to lie about his date of […]

Why a « Général de Lalanne » street in Vimy ?

It was by trying to understand why the municipality of Vimy had decided to give one of its streets the name of a general, that we conducted our own investigation !The first opinions suggested the French Empire General Jean Lalanne (1766-1841), who was a famous brigadier general as soon as 1793. However, our President, Philippe […]

Last medal ceremony for the Guides of the year 2022

On December 5th, 2022, we organized the last ceremony for the Guides of the year. After having warmly thanked them for their work on the Beaumont-Hamel and Vimy sites, four members of the staff, Christine Dupayage, Anne Dubuc, Christian Ramet and Raymond Miklic, accompanied by our communication manager Fabrice Dubuc, awarded them their medals, engraved […]

Remembrance Day , November 6th, 2022

The Remembrance Day ceremony took place on November 6, 2022, at the site of Canadian National Vimy Memorial. The weather conditions, as recalled by the Honorable Stéphane Dion, Ambassador of Canada to France, represented only a minor inconvenience in view of the dedication of so many men and women who served and sacrificed in the […]

Return to Canada for Jean-Pierre Godbout

During the pandemic, we did’nt have many contacts, and I must confess that during these our discussions focused mainly on the village of Rivière where you took up residence during your stay in France. That so beautiful village, where I was born, marked my childhood deeply. So, memories inevitably resurfaced, and Nando de Collo, was […]

Final session of 2022 with a new group of guides

Our newly arrived guides were welcomed at our usual arrival lunch. A few days later, they were given shop management training. Welcome to the new guides : Holly Lucier ( a « vet » from the former group) Téana Averbeck, Nephthalie Belzor, Christopher Bisson, Ethan Coudenys, Rhys Fitzpatrick, Lucinda Higgins, Jessica Horton, Hannah Keough, Ryan Michon-Cave, Emily Rebneris, Dean Sabbah, Abby Salvatore, Julie Vanleeuwen. Translated by Jacques […]

Calgary woman dies after seeing husband’s grave on trip to Vimy

Calgary woman dies after seeing husband’s grave on trip to Vimy Seizure fatal to Mrs. Rosanne Kemp on LinerWar widow dies on Pilgrimage. Seized with a heart attack brought on by the excitement of viewing the grave of her soldier husband near Vimy Ridge on Saturday, Mrs. Rosanne Kemp, 60L Fifth street west, Calgary, died […]